Malaffi Organizes Technical Onboarding Journey Workshops

26 August 2019
 2nd Primary Care Conference

In line with Malaffi’s commitment to providing strong support to the providers during their Malaffi onboarding journey, we were pleased to welcome over 220 delegates from the IT departments of Abu Dhabi healthcare facilities to our technical workshop on August 5 and 26, in the Rosewood Hotel, Al Maryah Island. The workshop focused on the details of the IT specification, technical and security requirements needed to onboard Malaffi.

Malaffi’s expert team is continually working closely with the healthcare providers to ensure a smooth implementation process and best end-user experience. These workshops were a great platform to get feedback and directly address the many questions from the audience related to the onboarding process, the launch schedule, and others.

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People attending workshop conference
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