Abu Dhabi - global leader in COVID-19 response

27 April 2021


The Abu Dhabi Public Health Center (ADPHC) was established in 2019, to ensure excellence in the principles of public healthcare within our Emirate. Through the ongoing promotion of public health initiatives and preventative health concepts, we work with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi to preserve the health of our people and to guarantee the safety of all our workers.

Our vision in the center is towards a healthy and safe society, supported by a healthcare system offering the highest levels of innovation and excellence. Technology like Malaffi plays a vital role in supporting this vision and is revolutionising our healthcare capabilities. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ADPHC has worked closely with the DoH to deploy services to better manage public health.

As recently recognised by London-based Deep Knowledge Group, we can proudly say that Abu Dhabi led the world in our pandemic response. When assessing multiple factors, analysists confirmed that the rapid and robust response of the DOH ensured we contained the pandemic whilst protecting the health and safety of our community. Malaffi has been able to provide a centralised database of COVID-19 related test information allowing us to effectively monitor the spread of the virus in real-time. Furthermore, as our nation’s vaccination programme excels, Malaffi continues to play an integral role, collecting and sharing vaccination information, supporting a safe and efficient roll-out to our people.

Dr Farida Al Hosani
Department Manager Communicable Diseases
Abu Dhabi Public Health Center
Official Spokesperson for Health Sector in the UAE

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