COVID-19 Results – Information for healthcare professionals

How to check for COVID-19 laboratory test results in Malaffi?

COVID-19 results are reported as a molecular laboratory test result. To check for the results, open the Laboratory folder, and then the Molecular folder. You will immediately see the result of the test as COVID-19 was not detected – in black, or COVID-19 detected – in red.

Malaffi COVID19 results lookup

Who is sending COVID-19 results?

Please note that currently, the following connected participants are testing for COVID-19 and sending their results to Malaffi:

  • SEHA
  • Danat Al Emarat Hospital
  • Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital
  • NMC
  • Healthpoint

As the sites that are testing for COVID-19 keeps increasing, please follow this page for more information.