1 October 2019
How are Allergies in Malaffi ordered?

Allergies are ordered by severity first, then the date recorded in the source EMR.

Why am I seeing duplicate Allergies?

Malaffi is displaying information directly from the source EMR. For Allergies, we will display free text as well as coded allergies. This will mean that you may see duplicate Allergies from the same source as well as duplicate Allergies from different sources.

If the Allergies are coded, Allergies sharing the same code will be rolled up under the red magnifying glass

What does the red magnifying glass in the Allergies windowlet show?

Clicking on the red magnifying glass will show all common Allergies sharing the same code that were recorded for this patient and the organisation where they were recorded.

I can see ‘No Known Allergies’ for one organisation and ‘Allergies’ recorded at another organisation. Is this a mistake in Malaffi?

This is not a mistake in Malaffi. Remember Malaffi is displaying information directly from each source EMR. This represents an opportunity to confirm your patient’s allergy status with them and update your EMR if required.

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