13 December 2020
Are all healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi connected to Malaffi?

The Malaffi onboarding process is carried out in phases and we are expecting to connect all Abu Dhabi healthcare facilities by early 2021. Please note that all data sets from the connected facilities will not be immediately available, as those are also captured in phases. To find out who is connected to Malaffi, and which data sets they are contributing, please check this page on our website.

How can a patient’s file be accessed in Malaffi for the first time?

Before you can access the Malaffi record for a patient, the patient must arrive in person and be registered in the Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) of your facility. Once this occurs, Malaffi receives a registration message, and the system will work to match the patient’s EMR record with the patient’s Malaffi record. If the matching criteria is met, you will then be able to access your patient’s Malaffi record by clicking on the link embedded in your EMR. If demographic details have been entered incorrectly in yours or any other EMR, this may prevent the matching of the EMR record with the patient’s Malaffi record, and you may not see all the data for your patient.

Why am I not able to see any or some data for my patients?

This could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • As the onboarding uses a phased approach, the patient information you are looking for may not be available because the facility it should come from has not yet been connected to Malaffi

  • The patient information from a specific facility that you are looking for may not yet be contributing the particular data type to Malaffi. For example – You are looking for medications from a specific facility, however that facility is currently not sending medication data to Malaffi

  • The EMR system of the particular facility does not have the capacity to configure and share that specific data set with Malaffi

  • If demographic details have been entered incorrectly in yours or any other EMR, this may prevent the matching of the EMR record with the patient’s Malaffi record and you may not see all the data for your patient

We recommend checking this page on our website, to verify the connection status of the facility you are looking for. For any other issues, please contact the IT support of your facility.

Will patient data from all UAE facilities be available in Malaffi?

The mandate of Malaffi is to connect all healthcare facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has plans to enable information exchange between all healthcare providers on a federal level in the UAE.

Which additional types of data will be made available in Malaffi?

At present, patient demographic, encounters, allergies, laboratory results, radiology reports, medications, procedures, diagnosis and problems, can be viewed in Malaffi. To keep increasing the value of the clinical information in Malaffi, we are working to additionally include the following: clinical notes, vital signs, immunisations and insurance claims.

Will radiology images be available in Malaffi?

Currently, only radiology reports are available in Malaffi. However, Malaffi is assessing the feasibility of including radiology images in the future.

What should I do if I experience a technical issue with Malaffi?

If you experience any technical issues with Malaffi, please contact your organisation’s IT department so they can first investigate if the issue is related to the IT infrastructure of the facility, before they reach out the Malaffi IT support desk.

Where can I find out who is connected to Malaffi?

Please visit this page on our website to find a list of providers who are connected to Malaffi.

Facilities that are connected to Malaffi will receive a Malaffi Connected Certificate and may display the Malaffi Connected Symbol on their website.

For more information, please get in touch with us at

Will patients have access to Malaffi

Patients will have access to their key information in Malaffi through the patient portal and app that will be available in late 2021. This will empower and encourage patients to take a more proactive approach to manage their health.

Can information in Malaffi be downloaded as a PDF?

At present, information available in Malaffi is read-only. However, we are currently working to include functionality that will enable users to download and print laboratory results and radiology reports.


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