1 January 2018
Why can’t I see all Medications administered to my patient?

Remember in Delta view, all patient information from your organisation will be filtered out, including Medication data from your EMR. If you believe the patient is missing some data, remember to check the Patient Summary tab. Here you will see patient information from your own facility as well. If you still believe data is missing for the patient, please record the MRN and raise a ticket with your technical support services

The default view for Medications is the last 1 year, and Prescribed Medication only. Choose from the dropdown to see other Medication Event Types.

Malaffi only receives take home only (Prescribed and Dispensed) medication for Outpatient, Emergency and Inpatient encounters. All Administered medication is received for Outpatient and Emergency encounters only (for Inpatient encounters we will not receive any Administration information).

For Administered Medication, where is the information associated with administration?

Click on the Medication row to see further information including Administration Notes, Drug Code and other details.

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