Praseetha Prabhakarannair
15 February 2021

  “Nurse Praseetha Prabhakarannair discusses how Malaffi’s access to a patient’s healthcare data – such as their current prescribed medication and their previous testing results – improves patients’ experience and helps provide better care.”

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Danecca Cruiz
17 November 2020

  “We have seen many patients that have done a COVID-19 test at another facility, but have not yet received the results. Malaffi helps us enormously in this situation. We can find the results quickly and, if the result is positive, take proper measures of isolating the patient, to ensure the safety of other patients […]

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Ashitha Nair
22 October 2020

  “I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to Malaffi’s team for connecting us with all healthcare groups, that helps so much with the screening of patients based on the information available in Malaffi.”

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