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“Listen to Dr. Neha as she talks about how Malaffi helps her with coordination of care for patients coming both from other Abu Dhabi providers and from the other facilities of the UEMedical group”

Dr Neha Gami
Specialist, Obstetrics and Gynecology HealthPlus Family Clinic, Al Bandar


“Having instant access to the medical history of our paediatric patients through Malaffi, provides vital information that their families might not disclose, which in turn empowers us to provide better care. It also helps avoid repeating blood investigations and possible radiology tests, which is quite significant when the patients are children.”

Dr. Amani Osman
Consultant Paediatric Diabetologist Imperial College London Diabetes Centre


“Dr. Mohammed shares a real-life example of how Malaffi has been a valuable resource when patients and their families need it most – during an emergency paediatric scenario”

Mohammed Ibrahim
Head of Paediatrics Danat Al Emarat Hospital


Dr. Igor Kozak shares his experience of using Malaffi and how it has helped to provide his patients with a higher standard of care

Dr. Igor Kozak
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Vitreoretinal Surgeon Moorfields Eye Hospital Centre


“Dr Marija discusses how Malaffi provides her with important information about her patient’s obstetric history, which is crucial when she treats women with high-risk pregnancies.”

Dr. Marija Hadzi Lega
Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist Danat Al Emarat


“I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to Malaffi’s team for connecting us with all healthcare groups, that helps so much with the screening of patients based on the information available in Malaffi.”

Ashitha Nair
Charge Nurse, NMC Royal Women's Hospital, Abu Dhabi


“As one of the first clinicians to use Malaffi, Dr. Kristoffer Crawford, Family Medicine physician at Kanad Hospital, shares his thoughts on Malaffi, and how it improves the efficiency of care delivery and patient experiences”

Dr. Kistoffer Crawford
Consultant, Family Medicine Medical Director Kanad Hospital


“What you have achieved with Malaffi is very inspiring. What I find most impressive is the significant accomplishments to-date in terms of the speed of implementation. Many countries are perhaps sharing the same ambition but have not achieved the same spread and promptness when it comes to actual deployment”

November 2, 2019

Dr. Charles Alessi
Chief Clinical Officer HIMSS International


“Chaitanya Papisetty, Project Manager, discusses his positive experience with onboarding Malaffi, as part of the team of Concepts Soft.”

Chaitanya Papisetty
Project Manager Concepts Soft


“Dr. Latifa Mohammed, Family Medicine Consultant at SEHA, shares her thoughts about Malaffi, and how it will support a higher standard of healthcare in Abu Dhabi.” 

Dr. Latifa Mohammed
Family Medicine Consultant SEHA


Mr. Majid Abu Zant, COO of UEMedical Group, highlights some of the benefits felt by the physicians, hospital staff and patients of the UEMedical Group facilities, as the first private group to connect to Malaffi.

Mr. Majid Abu Zant
COO UEMedical Group


“Supporting our efforts to provide the best possible care for cancer patients, Malaffi has been an invaluable tool for our healthcare team. By allowing access to accurate, up-to-date and important health information on our patients, who may have received treatment at different facilities across the Emirate, we can ensure a continued delivery of care throughout their cancer journey.”

Dr. Mai Ahmed Sultan Al Jaber
Public Health Medicine Specialist Medical Director of Healthpoint


“In the UAE, over 14 per cent of residents have asthma, and up to one-fifth of the population is thought to suffer from some form of allergy. During the pandemic Malaffi gave us access to important information about patient’s respiratory history and helped enhance our response to an emergency situation.

Dr. Bakr Sadoon Ismael
Ambulatory Healthcare Services Co, a SEHA System Facility Member of the Clinical Advisory Committee of Malaffi


“We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of anxiety for those patients who tested positive, and those who were tested for screening. Malaffi helps in easing this anxiety by providing faster access to the results. Patients who turn out to be positive can be immediately attended to without waiting for the official results given by our laboratory.”

Dr. Maria Oliva
General Medicine Doctor, NMC Specialty Hospital, Abu Dhabi NMC TOP-5 Malaffi user


“We have seen many patients that have done a COVID-19 test at another facility, but have not yet received the results. Malaffi helps us enormously in this situation. We can find the results quickly and, if the result is positive, take proper measures of isolating the patient, to ensure the safety of other patients and staff.”

Danecca Cruiz
Emergency Room Nurse, Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital Mediclinic TOP-5 Malaffi user


“It was remarkable to see how fast the team at Malaffi rolled-out the COVID-19 testing results module. It helped our medical teams provide much better care in critical times.”

Kieth Francis
Chief Information Officer, Kanad Hospital


“Malaffi is a game changer for healthcare in Abu Dhabi, by supporting an enhanced level of transparency for patients, while aiding doctors to make better-informed decisions.”

Dr. Vibu Bose
Executive Director, Ahalia Medical Group


“As there was no in-house testing facility for COVID -19, it used to take 4 to 5 working days to get PCR reports. With access to Malaffi, this time was reduced to 48 to 72 hours”

Dr. Kumaraswamy R. C. Gadari
Internal Medicine Doctor, NMC Healthcare


“We are able to access COVID-19 test results in Malaffi, that weren’t previously available in the hospital’s EMR. This has made it easier to track patients who tested positive in our facility, but then went for treatment at another facility.”

Dr. Sheema Saidu Mohamed
General Medicine Doctor, NMC Healthcare


“Through Malaffi, doctors are able to build a picture of their patient’s medical history. There is especially important in paediatric patients, where parents might not remember certain medical details.”

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim
Head of Pediatrics, Danat Al Emarat Hospital


“Malaffi is especially valuable to general practitioners within our Urgent Care Clinic. This is where we see the most patients coming from other providers, and we need to make quick and safe decisions. Through the use of Malaffi, it is helping them save lives.” 

Dr Kristoffer Lee Crawford
Medical Director, Kanad Hospital


“Dr. Maisa explains how Malaffi has supported her patients’ accurate diagnosis while helping to treat and rehabilitate them back to good health.”

Dr. Maisa Abdulla
General Practitioner, Urgent Care Facility, Kanad Hospital


“Nurse Praseetha Prabhakarannair discusses how Malaffi’s access to a patient’s healthcare data – such as their current prescribed medication and their previous testing results – improves patients’ experience and helps provide better care.”
Praseetha Prabhakarannair
Clinical Charge Nurse, Kanad Hospital


“Dr. Terrence explains how having access to the patients’ information in Malaffi helps treat critical and semi-critical patients, especially during the pandemic.”

Dr. Terrence de Silva
Specialist in Emergency Medicine, Burjeel Royal Hospital in Al Ain