Department of Health Abu Dhabi

DOH Policy on The Abu Dhabi Health Information Exchange

The Department of Health — Abu Dhabi (DOH) is committed to ensuring better access to health services, to continually improving quality of care and to safeguarding the sustainability of sector resources.

In line with the DOH’s policy to improve the health sector, Malaffi is an Emirate-wide initiative that enables the meaningful exchange of health information in a way that upholds patient safety and privacy.

Malaffi offers new possibilities for improving care that have never been feasible on such a scale before and this initiative helps advance many of the DOH’s strategic priorities, including the promotion of health informatics and eHealth.

The complete DOH policy on HIE is available for download here.



The Department of Health (DOH) intends to establish the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security (ADHICS) Standard, a strategic initiative in support of DOH’s vision and Federal/National mandates, endorsed by DOH’s Executive Committee. The provisions of this Standard are harmonized with industry and international expectations towards Information Security.

The adoption of ADHICS Standard by DOH regulated healthcare entities will prepare and enable Abu Dhabi Health Sector to uphold privacy and security. Its implementation complements Government’s initiatives towards Health Information Exchange (HIE), enhancing security and public trust.


DOH Standard on Patient Healthcare Data Privacy

The Department of Health (DOH)  has introduced the ‘DOH Standard on Patient Healthcare Data Privacy’, outlining how identifiable patient health information must be appropriately protected as outlined by federal laws. Compliance with the secure and safe use of such data will ensure data confidentiality and integrity, and patient privacy at all times, maintaining the high standards Abu Dhabi is known for.


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