Dr. Kistoffer Crawford, Kanad Hospital

As one of the first clinicians to use Malaffi, Dr. Kristoffer Crawford, Family Medicine physician at Kanad Hospital, shares his thoughts about Malaffi, and how it will improve the efficiency of care delivery and patient experiences.

Dr. Charles Alessi, HIMSS International

“What you have achieved with Malaffi is very inspiring and what I find most impressive is the significant accomplishments to date in terms of speed of implementation. Many countries are perhaps sharing the same ambition but have not achieved the same spread and promptness when it comes to actual deployment”

November 2, 2019 – Comment following the presentation of Atif Al Braiki, CEO of Malaffi at the HIE Forum in Dubai

Chaitanya Papisetty, Concepts Soft

Chaitanya Papisetty, Project Manager, discusses his experience with onboarding Malaffi, as part of the team of Concepts Soft

Dr. Latifa Mohammed, SEHA

Dr. Latifa Mohammed, Family Medicine Consultant at SEHA, shares her thoughts about Malaffi, and how it will provide a higher standard of healthcare in Abu Dhabi

Dr. Rahul Goyal, Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital

Dr. Rahul Goyal, Family Medicine Physician at Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital, talks about how Malaffi helped him provide better care to a cancer remission patient, by having access to the lab results recorded previously at a SEHA facility.

Mr. Majid Abu Zant, UEMedical Group

Mr. Majid Abu Zant, COO of UEMedical Group, highlights some of the benefits felt by the physicians, hospital staff and patients of the UEMedical Group facilities, as the first private group to connect to Malaffi.

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