COVID-19 solutions

Dedicated to strengthening the COVID-19 response of the Emirate

Building on the existing advanced digital centralised information platform, and under the direction of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH), Malaffi has urgently released solutions to strengthen the COVID-19 response of Abu Dhabi.

The solutions enable authorities to efficiently respond to the crisis by having access to real-time accurate key pandemic indicators and empower the front-line healthcare workers with clinical information to make safer and more efficient decisions for the patients.

The solutions include:

Malaffi COVID-19 Module 

(COVID-19 Test Results and COVID-19 Vaccination Records)

The COVID-19 Module is a platform developed to view the centralised database of COVID-19 test results from all Abu Dhabi testing sites. The tests are available in real-time as they are collected and recorded by Malaffi connected participants and all other testing sites in Abu Dhabi. This is done by enabling data input by different methods that allow comprehensive data collection and the integration of other sources to enrich the collected data and help identify and track COVID-19 positive cases.

Through the COVID-19 Module, Malaffi is also displaying and sharing the COVID-19 vaccination information from more than 100 facilities in Abu Dhabi that are part of the vaccination programme, offering end-users the ability to search for the vaccination status of a patient or group of patients, as well as provide the DOH real-time insights about the Emirate’s vaccination status via dashboards and data extracts.

Pandemic Reporting

Based on the centralised testing information, and integration of other sources of clinical data, the COVID-19 Module features dashboards with accurate real-time key pandemic indicators that allow the DOH to monitor the spread of the disease and evaluate the effectiveness of the preventive measures. It further enables the authorities to better plan the testing and healthcare capacities and coordinate the distribution of the critical resources in the Emirate, as well as to perform predictive modelling.

Malaffi Connect – urgent access to the provider portal

This solution provides urgent secure access to the Malaffi provider portal to those that are not connected to Malaffi and are part of Abu Dhabi’s COVID-19 response. Patients with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms from COVID-19, so by having access to real-time COVID-19 test results and the relevant information from the medical history, front-line medical workers, are empowered to make quicker and more effective first-response decisions, whether it is for the patient to be released, isolated or hospitalised. Having access to medical history also helps doctors treat patients more efficiently when a patient visits an ER for urgent care, for example.

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