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28 February 2021
Innovation in Healthcare: the extraordinary lies in the everyday
Innovation in healthcare has been going on for millennia, changing the way patients receive care and as a result, helping us all live longer, healthier lives. But the extraordinary is really witnessed in the everyday. Think about the humble X-ray. Accidentally discovered in 1895 when physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen noticed a fluorescent effect coming from […]
4 February 2021
How Malaffi is supporting the coordination and continuity of cancer care
Today marks World Cancer Day, a global initiative which aims to raise worldwide awareness and education around the disease. A key focus of World Cancer Day is reducing premature deaths and improving the quality of a survivor’s life – an ambitious goal recognized by our leadership in Abu Dhabi. The Department of Health is committed […]
10 December 2020
Malaffi platform to use predictive analytics technology to improve the health of Abu Dhabi residents
The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH) and Malaffi, the region’s first Health Information Exchange (HIE), today showcased a population risk management analytics platform at GITEX. The technology will empower the healthcare sector to support care management, improve population health and assist in ensuring continuity of care. The risk management solution, which is supported […]
24 November 2020
Abu Dhabi’s health information exchange platform transforms the way healthcare is delivered
All that the 80-year-old Emirati wanted was to get some relief from his high fever when he consulted Dr Maisa Abdalla, General Practitioner at Kanad Hospital. He had dismissed the doctor’s queries on chronic conditions he might suffer from with a cursory no. But it was imperative for Dr Abdalla to know the medical history […]
18 November 2020
Unlocking the Value of Connected Healthcare webinar
The implementation of Malaffi, as the first HIE in the Middle East, has fortified the position of Abu Dhabi as a regional leader in technological innovation and advanced healthcare. On 25th November, Malaffi participated in a webinar, together with Harvard Business Review Arabia and MTH Technology Review Arabia, to discuss in detail the true value […]
1 November 2020
The role of HIEs in improving Patient Safety – bridging the information gap
Keeping patients safe is intrinsic to the work of healthcare professionals. It is at the core of all we strive to achieve, but unfortunately, modern medicine still sometimes falls short. There are identified gaps in the way patient information is recorded, with fragmented and “siloed” information. But thankfully, as technology plays an ever-increasing role in […]
8 October 2020
The critical need to put patient safety on the agenda
Malaffi is proud to once again announce its sponsorship of the Patient Safety event: The COVID-19 Virtual Edition, by Informa markets, being held from 5-7 November 2020. As the region’s longest running event dedicated to patient safety, every year sees advocates of patient safety come together to collaborate and explore innovative solutions to current challenges, […]
2 September 2020
Department of Health celebrates the first ‘go-live’ anniversary of Malaffi with more than 60% of Abu Dhabi based hospitals now connected
More than 60% of all hospitals in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi have now connected their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to Malaffi and are exchanging patient records. This brings the number of unique clinical records in Malaffi to 87 million and captures more than 50% of the total number of episodes (inpatient and outpatient […]
27 August 2020
Global healthcare needs to speak a common language to tackle the challenge of COVID-19
The pandemic has drawn attention to the inadequacies of the world’s data sharing frameworks. It has highlighted the lack of interoperability (the ability of computer systems to exchange information and operate in conjunction with each other) of many medical systems used by public and private providers, laboratories, and pharmacies globally. As a result, data exchange […]