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During our lifetime, we are likely to see many different healthcare professionals, at various facilities. Each practice, clinic and hospital, has its own way of recording your health data, and until recently, there was no way of sharing this information between providers. This means important pieces of your health history aren’t always accessible, and tests and procedures need to be repeated each time you see a different doctor.

Now, technology is helping to provide you with better care. When doctors have instant access to important information about your medical history, they can provide you with improved, safer, and more efficient care. The availability of this information is critical to ensure a correct diagnosis and eliminate the need to unnecessarily repeat tests and procedures. It can also potentially be life-saving, especially in an emergency situation.

Malaffi, meaning ‘my file’ in Arabic, is a Health Information Exchange (HIE) and is part of the Department of Health’s digital transformation of the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi. It allows your clinicians to safely and securely, access and share your important medical records. With the participation of facilities across the Emirate, every appointment, check-up, consultation, and treatment you have will be captured, ensuring continuity of care, wherever you choose to go for your medical needs.

Through the Health Portal, you can also have secure and convenient access to your centralised medical records in Malaffi. The portal is available as a mobile app, on the Apple and Google Play stores and as a web-based platform. Having access to your health records will help you be more engaged in managing your health. It also helps strengthen the relationship with your doctor by enabling more meaningful conversations to achieve better health outcomes.

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