Malaffi helps transform healthcare services in Abu Dhabi by connecting over 2,000 healthcare providers offering healthcare services to more than three million people in the Emirate.

Healthcare Provider benefits include:

Provides access to the unified patient medical record to support the making of more informed medical decisions


Improves patient safety by reducing potential diagnostic and treatment errors

Increases efficiency, patient experience, and patient satisfaction by reducing unnecessary duplication of diagnostic procedures and paperwork

Supports a more efficient delivery of care – improves transition of care and care coordination

Enables better management of chronic illnesses and the practice of precision medicine

Supports greater workforce satisfaction by providing easier access to comprehensive, timely health information

Enables the integrated monitoring and implementation of quality standards across healthcare due to simplified data collection, improving patient safety and satisfaction

Elevates healthcare standards in facilities across Abu Dhabi, enhancing the Emirate’s reputation as a medical tourism destination

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