Facility Types and Sub-types

In order to maximise the benefits of Malaffi to all citizens and residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the DOH’s strategic priority is universal participation of all Healthcare Facilities and all patients. It is therefore a requirement that all DOH licensed healthcare facilities, except for a select few, are connected to Malaffi.

The deadline for all facilities with a DOH Active License to be connected to Malaffi has been closed. Facilities already holding DOH active licenses who are not Exempted or Excluded from connecting to Malaffi, and have not yet completed their connection to Malaffi will not be able to renew their DOH license, and facilities with agreements with Daman will not be able to submit claims until they complete their connection to Malaffi.

DOH Preliminary Licensed Facilities that are preparing to obtain a DOH Active License are expected to connect to Malaffi as part of the pre-requisites of obtaining the active license. It is recommended that a Preliminary licensed Facility contacts at least two months prior to the planned application date for an Active License, in order to start the connection process.

Facilities that are currently Exempted from connecting to Malaffi are Military, Police, Aviation, Universities and any other facility identified by Abu Dhabi Health Data Services (Malaffi) as sensitive or an exceptional category.

Below please find a high-level basic list of the initial requirements to start your onboarding/connection process:

  • Complete an Accession Agreement and Facility Declaration (to be requested from
  • Pass the Malaffi Security Assessment (an excerpt of the DOH ADHICS survey)
  • Have a HL7 capable EMR in place
  • Have obtained an SDWAN connection (from Etisalat; NOC to be given by Malaffi)
DOH License Type DOH License Sub-Type Required to Connect?
Ambulance Services NA No
Center    - Dental Yes
     - Medical Yes
     - One Day Surgery Yes
     - Primary Health Care Yes
  * Sports club centers without physician can request exclusion
Clinic    - General Yes
     - Specialized Yes
     - Dental Yes
     - Medical Yes
     - First Aid Post No
     - School Clinic No
  * Aviation and University Clinics can request exclusion
Diagnostic Center    - Imaging and Laboratory Yes
     - Medical Imaging Yes
     - Medical Laboratory Yes
Dialysis Center NA Yes
Drug Store - Medical Store NA No
Fertilization Center (IVF) NA Yes
Hospital    - General Yes
     - Nursing Home Yes
     - Rehabilitation Yes
     - Specialized Yes
Medical Transportation NA No
Mobile Health Unit    - Dental Yes
     - Medical Yes
     - Medical Diagnostic Imaging Yes
     - Blood Bank No
     - First Aid Post No
Pharmacy    - In-Patient Yes
     - Out-Patient Yes
Provision of Health Service    - Home care services Yes
     - All others that are non Home care services No
Rehabilitation    - Audiometric Shop No
     - Dietician No
     - Prosthetic & Orthotics No
     - Respiratory Therapy No
     - Speech Therapy No
     - Occupational Therapy No
     - Psychology No
     - Podiatrist No
     - Physiotherapy No
     - Optical Shop No
     - Dental Laboratory No
Scientific Office NA No
Tele-Medicine Provider All Yes
Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine All No

The DOH may modify the above list at any point of time, please continue to check this page for the latest updates.

To start your onboarding/connection process, to request an exemption, or for any other question regarding onboarding, please contact

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