“Dr Sekhar gives emphasis to the valuable insights gained into patients’ medical histories through Malaffi, allowing him to provide comprehensive and holistic treatment that extended beyond cardiology-related issues.”

Dr Sekhar Wariar
Medical Director and Specialist Cardiologist, Burjeel Holdings


“Dr Martin reflects on how the convenience of accessing medical images and reports through Malaffi proved to be a game-changer for both clinicians and patients alike.”
Dr Martin Lascano
Consultant Nephrologist, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi


“Dr Tariq highlights the impact of the Malaffi Image Exchange solution. With access to radiology images, we can make quicker decisions, save time, unnecessary radiation and cost and therefore improve patient experience and outcomes.”
Dr Tariq Shadid
Medical Director and Consultant General Surgeon, Mediclinic


“Dr Ibtihag highlights how any successful treatment plan should include the full participation of the patient, which is why Malaffi Health Portal gives patients the unique opportunity to understand and manage their health for better outcomes.”
Dr Ibtihag Nageeb
Medical Practitioner, Health Plus Fertility Center


“Dr Hamed outlines the role of Malaffi as a “building block” for Abu Dhabi’s healthcare transformation and its ability to provide timely and accurate patient data for attending physicians and nurses.”
Dr Hamed Al Hashemi
Advisor to the DOH Chairman, Department of Health


“Dr Ramzi and Dr Sanji discuss how Malaffi helps enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare services in Abu Dhabi.”
Dr Ramzi Moufarrej. Chief Medical Officer, Capital Health. Dr Sanji de Sylva. Vice President of Clinical Engagement and Informatics, Malaffi.


“Sofia, a cancer survivor, shares her thoughts about Malaffi and how it supports Abu Dhabi’s medical professionals to provide a higher standard of care.”
Sofia Khalid


“Dr Curtis comments on the invaluable service that Malaffi provides for emergency patients and how it has actively supported physicians in providing the most accurate level of care”
Dr Curtis E. Emordi
Chief Medical Officer, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Ruwais Hospital


“Dr Terrence explains how having access to the patients’ information in Malaffi helps treat critical and semi-critical patients, especially during the pandemic.”

Dr Terrence de Silva
Specialist in Emergency Medicine, Burjeel Royal Hospital in Al Ain


“Nurse Praseetha discusses how Malaffi’s access to a patient’s healthcare data – such as their current prescribed medication and their previous testing results – improves patients’ experience and helps provide better care.”
Praseetha Prabhakarannair
Clinical Charge Nurse, Kanad Hospital

“Dr. Maisa explains how Malaffi has supported her patients’ accurate diagnosis while helping to treat and rehabilitate them back to good health.”

Dr. Maisa Abdulla
General Practitioner, Urgent Care Facility, Kanad Hospital


“Chaitanya discusses his positive experience with onboarding Malaffi, as part of the team of Concepts Soft.”

Chaitanya Papisetty
Project Manager, Middle East Concept Enterprises

“Dr Marija discusses how Malaffi provides her with important information about her patient’s obstetric history, which is crucial when she treats women with high-risk pregnancies.”

Dr Marija Hadzi Lega
Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist, Danat Al Emarat


“Dr Mohammed shares a real-life example of how Malaffi has been a valuable resource when patients and their families need it most – during an emergency paediatric scenario”

Dr Mohammed Ibrahim
Head of Paediatrics, Danat Al Emarat Hospital


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