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The Provider Portal allows authorised users from the connected providers to access the patient’s unified medical records in Malaffi. The portal is seamlessly embedded in the provider's EMR systems that can be accessed in one click and does not require an additional sign-in. Having access to important patient information empowers clinicians to make better-informed and more efficient clinical decisions, enhances coordination and transition of care, reduces unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures, reduces the risk of medical error, and improves patient safety and experience.

The Provider Portal gives authorised users access to the following information:

• Patient demographic date
• Encounters
• Allergies
• Laboratory results
• Radiology reports and images
• Medications
• Problems and diagnosis
• Procedures
• Clinical documents
• Vital signs
• Diagnostic tests
• Appointments
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Featuring a patient risk profile and an image exchange, Malaffi is the one of most advanced HIE platforms globally. We are committed to constantly improving the functionalities of the provider portal in order to further improve the healthcare experience in Abu Dhabi and help clinicians provide better patient care. Please see more information below

Radiology Images

Alongside the radiology reports, Malaffi clinical users have access to radiology images that were performed at different organisations, including x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasound images. Through an embedded advanced image viewer, users can view, manipulate and compare images side-by side. Ultimately, more than 60 different sites will be connected and will share their radiology images.

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Patient Risk Profile

Based on clinical data in Malaffi, this functionality uses QI and machine learning algorithms to predict the risk of individual patients developing specific chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease ) or suffer an acute event (e.g. heart attack, stroke etc.). Individual risk scores help clinicians make informed decisions and interventions to manage and prevent individuals from developing potential diseases or being admitted to a hospital.

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Malaffi users can seamlessly access patient information from the Northern Emirates through Riayati, the UAE federal HIE. This is a significant value add for providers and patients in the UAE and will allow clinicians to make more informed decisions, enhance coordination of care, reduce duplication of investigations, and improve patient safety and experience, across the UAE.

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Patient Appointments

Through the Provider Portal, users can access information about their patient’s past, present, and future appointments at facilities connected to Malaffi. Visibility of appointments supports continuity of care and provides you with a holistic view of the patient’s visit journey.

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Encounter-centric View

This view displays a consolidated record of a patient's encounter-related data, all in one place. The feature organises all the patient encounter-related data in one consolidated view, reducing the time spent searching for patient data across different sections or Malaffi, making it easier to find the most relevant information, to support efficient care delivery

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Break the Seal

Only the highest level of authorised users can Break the Seal to access patient's sensitive health information (e.g. HIV/ QIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse and mental health conditions). This is on the condition that, in the professional judgment of that clinician, access to such sensitive health information is absolutely necessary to ensure optimal treatment of the patient. These activities are monitored and audited to ensure proper usage of the platform.

For more information on how we ensure the security and privacy of the health information in Malaffi, click here.

The Emirati Genome Program Participant Tag

EGP Participant Tag is a valuable feature that facilitates the identification of Emirati Genome Program members, establishing an initial connection between the Malaffi HIE platform and EGP, with the potential to enhance clinical decision-making for healthcare professionals through genome data integration in the future.

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