How does Malaffi benefit you?



Malaffi safely and securely connects electronic health records across healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi, so they have a holistic view of your health history and can deliver a higher quality of care.



Coordinated care

With access to important information about your medical history, authorised providers can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks that may cause errors or delay your care. With an accurate and comprehensive view of your health history, healthcare professionals can make more informed decisions and continuity of care is guaranteed wherever you go within the Emirate.



A better patient experience

Access to your most important medical information means you don’t need to worry about providing records from previous visits. Your healthcare provider will be able to see past results so there is no need to repeat tests. Unnecessary blood tests and X-rays mean fewer invasive procedures and exposure to radiation, faster diagnosis and lower cost.



Improving the health of our community

By providing aggregated information on our community’s health, the Department of Health can enhance healthcare services and health awareness progammes, for a healthier Abu Dhabi.  Supporting the coordinated care of COVID-19 patients in Abu Dhabi during the global pandemic is just one example of how Malaffi has helped health services manage a major public health challenge. You can learn more about Malaffi’s role in Abu Dhabi’s COVID-19 response here.



Better health outcomes for you and your family

Malaffi provides your healthcare team with instant access to all your important health information, allowing them to make better informed clinical decisions about your care.


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