Celebrating World Emergency Medicine Day

by Jocelyn Leming, Clinical Adoption and Informatics Specialist
27 May 2022

A recent study found that 96% of physicians agree that easier access to patient clinical data can save lives. This is essential in the emergency care setting. Having access to a patient’s past medical history is critical when treating patients in emergency situations, when they are unconscious, seriously unwell, or do not speak the language.

When the emergency care team can instantly understand the patient's past medical history, including any recent hospital admissions, prescribed medications, acute and chronic diagnoses, allergies, or underlying conditions, through Malaffi, they can make faster, more accurate and safer decisions for their patients.

On May 27th, we marked the World Emergency Medicine Day and it makes us especially proud to be able to empower the Emergency Department teams with lifesaving data to provide better outcomes to their patients.

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