Malaffi Receives Glowing Reviews and Remarkable Clinical Adoption in Landmark Survey by The Department of Health

20 February 2024
  • Over 81% of the respondents say they are satisfied and highly satisfied with Malaffi’s clinical platform.
  • 90% of clinicians said they are willing to recommend Malaffi to their peers.
  • 95% of the respondents agreed that Malaffi positively impacts their day-to-day practice.
  • More than 90% of respondents said that they use Malaffi in their practice.


Abu Dhabi - 20, February 2024: Malaffi, the first Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform in the MENA region, has positively impacted healthcare providers across Abu Dhabi's Emirate, according to a survey conducted by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH) that targeted clinicians in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The comprehensive survey collected about 10,000 responses from members of the healthcare providers' community. It revealed that Malaffi is being widely adopted and that clinical users are highly satisfied with the platform, underscoring the government's dedication to advancing the healthcare sector, fostering innovation, and striving for excellence to enhance patient care in the Emirate.

The survey’s findings showed an impressive 81 percent of respondents reported that they are satisfied and highly satisfied with Malaffi's clinical platform.  This feedback was attributed to the wide range of advanced functionalities the platform boasts, including an Image Exchange, AI Patient Risk Profile, and a Health Portal for patients.

“Malaffi improves patient safety by reducing multiple diagnoses, treatment errors, and unnecessary duplication of diagnostic procedures,” one of the respondents observed.

90% of the respondents reported using Malaffi in their practice, and 90 percent said they are willing to recommend Malaffi to their peers. There was almost unanimous agreement that Malaffi has a positive impact on day-to-day clinical practice.

"Platforms like Malaffi play a vital role in revolutionising the healthcare industry, and the objectives of the platform are aligned with key priorities of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, such as making a globally leading digital healthcare ecosystem, making the Emirate a regional leader in care excellence, as well as keeping the population healthy mentally and physically. The high levels of satisfaction among our clinicians reflects the significance of our investment in health information exchange, reflecting our proactive approach to elevating healthcare quality and positioning Abu Dhabi as a leading destination for healthcare," said H.E. Dr. Ahmed AlKhazraji, the Executive Director of Strategy and Policy Sector at the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

“The survey results further affirm that Malaffi is on the right track and reflects the platform’s impact on the healthcare landscape in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi," AlKhazraji continued.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response from clinicians and healthcare partners in Abu Dhabi. This is a result of the dedication of the team and the providers community to work hand in hand while enhancing the portal to ensure Malaffi is a clinician’s trusted companion in their daily practice. Today, the platform stores medical records for nearly 8 million patients, from the 2,760 connected facilities, including 100% hospitals in Abu Dhabi, and we are happy to see the positive impact we have made on the industry. We remain committed to further innovation and collaboration to drive positive change in the healthcare sector. The results also reflect the support of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi in our journey to digitally transform the healthcare industry. Together, we are shaping the future of healthcare across Abu Dhabi," said Kareem Shahin, CEO of Abu Dhabi Health Data Services (Malaffi).


In today's healthcare landscape, Health Information Exchange (HIE) platforms are an essential element of digital transformation of healthcare. Malaffi is facilitating better care coordination and informed decision-making at the point of care, helping curb over-utilisation and duplication of tests and services, while improving patients’ safety and experiences.

“Malaffi is our lifeline in the ER, especially in those time-sensitive situations with unconscious patients and language barriers. It ensures swift access to comprehensive patient data, enabling us to make rapid diagnoses and treatment plans, saving valuable time and, ultimately, lives in critical moments”, said Dr. Malcolm Borg, Chair of Department, Medical Emergency, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City

“Imperial College London Diabetes Centre deeply values our partnership with Malaffi. For every patient we treat, Malaffi plays a crucial role in their care journey. Our physicians' ability to access up-to-date health records and test results from other facilities, thanks to Malaffi, is a game-changer, making our collaboration truly indispensable.” Robert Adam Griffiths, Director of Clinical Operations, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, commented.

Malaffi is a pioneer of progress, exemplifying how digital health solutions when built with the clinical user in mind, can profoundly impact healthcare delivery. With its continued evolution and integration into the healthcare ecosystem, Malaffi is committed to transforming and further elevating the standard of care in Abu Dhabi.


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