Sensitive Information

1 October 2019
How is information classified as sensitive in Malaffi?

All sensitive patient information that can be coded – for example, Problems, Diagnosis, and Laboratory and Procedure codes – are flagged as sensitive in Malaffi and view of this information is restricted depending on your role in your EMR.

No Allergies or Medication information will be restricted

For Primary Providers only: I can’t see the Sensitive information, even though I have broken the seal.

The best way to view sensitive information is to maximise each windowlet so you can see the expanded view of 100 lines of information.

The sensitive information will be highlighted by an unlocked padlock symbol in the first column of the windowlet.

For any information in the clinical document tree, click on the eye icon to group the results by sensitive data. Choose sensitive in the ‘group by’ dropdown and click the ‘Apply’ button.

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