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Vol.2, N.6 | June 2021

This month, we welcome again Abdulla Bader Al Sayari, Chief Information Security Officer at the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi. Leading the development and implementation of healthcare standards across the sector, he reflects on the significance of the international accreditations in patient data security recently awarded to Malaffi.

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Vol.2, N.5 | May 2021

Aysha Ali Al Mahri, Group Chief Nursing Officer of SEHA and President of the Emirates Nursing Association, takes a moment to reflect on the integral role nurses play within our healthcare sector.

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Vol.2, N.4 | April 2021

Dr Farida Al Hosani, Department Manager Communicable Diseases in Abu Dhabi Public Health Center shares her thoughts on how Malaffi supports the vital work that the Center, and the wider Abu Dhabi healthcare system, is doing to improve the health of our society.

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Vol.2, N.3 | March 2021

Malaffi CEO, Atif Al Braiki, reflects on the first quarter of 2021 and how the year has got off to a positive start within the Abu Dhabi healthcare sector.

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Vol.2, N.2 | February 2021

February marks UAE Innovation Month, a time during which our government, private sector, and individuals from across the Emirates come together to recognize and celebrate the achievements we have made in strengthening our country’s position as a true global hub for innovation.

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Vol.2, N.1 | January 2021

This month, we welcome Abdulla Bader Al Sayari, Chief Information Security Officer at the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi. Leading the development and implementation of healthcare standards across the sector, he reflects on the importance of the DOH Standard on Patient Healthcare Data Privacy.

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Vol.1, N.8 | December 2020

2020 is a year that many will be glad to put behind them in about ten days’ time! It will be remembered as a year of unprecedented challenges when across the globe, healthcare systems were put to the ultimate test as we battled a novel virus.

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Vol.1, N.7 | November 2020

This month, we welcome Dr Emad George, Medical Director and Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC). With over 30 years of medical experience, and a passionate advocate for patients with Diabetes, Dr. Emad reflects on the importance of the care continuum for patients with Diabetes within the Emirate.


Vol.1, N.6 | October 2020

This month, we welcome Dr Asma Al Mannaei, Director of the Healthcare Quality Division at the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH). Leading the implementation of quality measures within the DOH, Dr Asma reflects on the impact that Malaffi has for healthcare providers within the Emirate.


Vol.1, N.5 | September 2020

This month, we welcome Dr Samer Ellaham, Senior Consultant at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Heart and Vascular Institute and Regional Chair of the Middle East Patient Safety Movement Foundation. As one of the most prominent leaders in the field of safety and quality in the UAE, we ask Dr Ellaham to share his thoughts on the importance of putting patient safety on the agenda and how technology can support this endeavor


Vol.1, N.4 | August 2020

This edition of the newsletter marks the one-year anniversary of the first Malaffi go-live and comes at an auspicious time for the UAE. During the past month, the UAE has launched the Hope Probe that is now well on its journey to the Red Planet and has become a symbol of what can be achieved through ingenuity, dedication and hard work. What began as a seemingly impossible idea, has now been made possible by harnessing the innovation and enthusiasm for advancement that is inherent in the spirit of the UAE and its people.


Vol.1, N.3 | July 2020

Abu Dhabi’s unprecedented shift towards technology and AI in the healthcare sector saw the launch of the Malaffi, the first-of-its-kind Health Information Exchange Platform in the Middle East, with the ultimate goal of transforming the way healthcare is delivered, increasing positive outcomes and enhancing the patients’ healthcare journey


Vol.1, N.2 | June 2020

Under the direction of the Department of Health–Abu Dhabi (DOH), we are proud of our role in supporting a data-driven public health response to the pandemic through the urgent release of solutions to strengthen the COVID-19 response, which are providing extended access to Malaffi to first-line providers that are not yet connected to Malaffi and creating a centralised database of all COVID-19 testing results accessible to the DOH.

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Vol.1, N.1 | March 2020

On behalf of the team at Malaffi, our CEO Atif Al Braiki was delighted to introduce the first edition of our newsletter – Malaffi Connect. In an age where impactful information can truly make a difference, we recognise that to achieve our goal of connecting healthcare in Abu Dhabi we must keep you, our partners, informed about the developments taking place across the platform as well as the latest industry insights and updates


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