Malaffi participant – An Abu Dhabi healthcare provider that joined Malaffi by signing the Participant Agreement.

Joining Malaffi – the moment when a provider signs the Participant Agreement.

Malaffi onboarding process/journey – a series of steps that participants follow in order to connect to Malaffi. Depending on the technical readiness of the participant, this process can take up to several months.

Malaffi connected participant – A Malaffi participant that has completed the minimum requirements of the Malaffi onboarding process, and fulfils the following two criteria:

–the participant has made Malaffi available in embedded mode in its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system

–the EMR system of the participant is exchanging ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer) HL7 messages in real-time with Malaffi.

Go-live with Malaffi – The moment when a participant has connected to Malaffi.

Authorised user (end-user) – An individual who has been authorised by a participant or Malaffi to access patient health information via the platform in accordance with the policies.

Embedded mode – Malaffi is available as a link (Single Sing-On (SSO) integration) within the provider’s EMR, and end-users can access Malaffi in one click, without the need to log-in into a different system.

Real-time – the time when the event gets saved in the EMR system and gets pushed to the downstream systems.

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