Based on international best practices and industry standards, the new entity will securely capture and aggregate patient data into a ’single patient
record’ accessible to healthcare providers authorized to provide care to the patient in order to provide continuity of care. It will allow clinicians
real-time visibility into the patient’s record, enabling them to make better informed decisions and increase the quality of service. For patients, the
system will ensure a better diagnosis of ailments and empower them with knowledge about their own healthcare history.

H.E Mohamed Al Hameli, Undersecretary of DoH, said: “DoH continues to extend efforts to provide world-class healthcare services in Abu Dhabi
and further regulate healthcare spending as well as ensure financial sustainability. We are pleased to partner with Injazat Data Systems to create
a centralised, single window access to a given patient’s comprehensive medical record for healthcare professionals, which will include previous
diagnoses, prescriptions and treatment plans, while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and patient privacy.”

He added: “The new system will help reduce the number of rehospitalised patients, unnecessary laboratory and imaging tests, emergency
admissions and the length of hospitalisation which leads to better and more efficient standards in Healthcare.”

Mr. Khaled Al Qubaisi, Chairman Injazat Data Systems said: “The HIE is a key part of the foundation for the future of healthcare, transforming the
status quo of “evidence-based medicine” to “precision medicine”. This data-led transformation paves the way for genomics, epigenetics,
proteomics and many other advances unfolding around the world, and provides a catalyst for a digital transformation of Abu Dhabi’s healthcare