Access & Navigate Malaffi

1 October 2019
I can’t see the Malaffi icon or the Malaffi tab in my EMR?

Please speak with your technical support team or reach out to a Malaffi Super User as each EMR is different and the way you access Malaffi is unique to your organisation.

I have clicked on the Malaffi icon/tab and I can see a long document (End User Licence Agreement) and I don’t know what to do. I cannot see my patient information in Malaffi.

If you are authorised to access Malaffi and you agree to the terms of use, please scroll all the way down and select the ‘Accept’ button. You will then be directed to your patient record in Malaffi.

Why do I see ‘No Results Found’ in Malaffi?

If there is no data available to populate any columns in a windowlet from any of the source EMR’s connected to Malaffi, it will display ‘No Results Found’. If you believe the patient is missing some data, remember to check the patient summary tab. Here you will see patient information from your own facility. If you still believe data is missing for the patient, please record the MRN and raise a ticket with your technical support services

What is ‘Delta View’?

The ‘Delta View’ gives you a view of the patient record removing all information recorded at your own organisation as you already have this information in your EMR. To see the full view of your patient record, select the ‘Patient Summary’ Tab.

Remember a full view of Allergies can always be seen in the Patient Banner – Allergies Alert field.

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